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Christmas closing dates

Christmas is coming up and to keep all our customers informed, we will be closed from Saturday December 22nd until Tuesday January 1st, meaning we will reopen for the New Year on Wednesday January 2nd.

Also, unless we have informed you otherwise, we cannot fit anymore bookings in this side of Christmas. However, if youd like to make a booking for the New Year, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and we hope to see you in 2019.

Full Service & Engine Service prices changing in May

Due to the constant rising costs of parts, we will be increasing the set prices of some full services & engine services from May 14th onward by a very small amount. We have chosen this date because this will not affect any customers who are currently booked for a service. The new prices are as follows: 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

T1 Engine service: £ 106.00

T4 Engine service: £ 115.00

T1 Beetle full service: £ 256.00

T1 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 281.00

T4 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 300.00

T25 Camper Van full service: £ 265.00

T25 Water Boxer Van full service: £ 265.00

Performance vehicle service prices will vary

These changes will take place from May 14th onward


-Beau Miller
Office Manager

In response to the MOT changes coming in 2018

For those of you who do not know, from May 2018, vehicles older than 40 years (anything before 1978) will no longer be required to have an MOT. Obviously, this will include most of the vehicles we work on, so we thought we should provide you, our loyal customers, with a response. 

It seems this change was inspired largely by people that own classic sports cars like Jaguars, Aston Martins, etc., the kind of cars that are driven only a few times a year, and usually on short journeys. However, Volkswagens, whether Beetle, Van or Karmann Ghia, are often used daily by their owners, and Vans especially are used on very long camping trips, sometimes even across Europe. That is what they were designed for, after all. We feel that because of this, even though an MOT test will not be required, you should still have your vehicle voluntarily tested annually.

We will continue to offer our full MOT service after the change is implemented, however if you feel you cannot trust an MOT centre to know what to check on a classic vehicle, then we will gladly perform a full safety inspection of your vehicle ourselves. VWs are our specialty, so we know what to look for, and we feel that familiarity has made us more thorough in ensuring the safety of these vehicles. 

If you have any concerns about how the MOT change might impact your vehicle, please do not hesitate to email us.

We're moving!! (Closed 17/07/17 - 23/07/17)

We are going to be closed next Monday 17th for a week while we move into a new workshop. We will be open and ready to start work again on Monday 24th at our new workshop. Here is the new address: 

Rectory Farm
Fambridge Road

Our email will of course, stay the same, however our phone number will change to:

01702 203579

You will still be able to call our current number for a little while after we move, and it'll redirect to our new one. The info on our contact us page will be updated late next week.

No space for bookings until early August

As some of you may already know, we are moving workshops in the near future (more information on that soon), and because of that, we've had to dedicate some days over the next few weeks to preparing the new workshop. Meanwhile, the days not dedicated to the move are all fully booked.

As such, we cannot fit in any more jobs over the next few weeks until late July/early August, by which time we will be at our new location on Fambridge Road, near Ashingdon. We will of course still be taking bookings before the move, we just can't fit you in until we have relocated. 

Hopefully this is all clear and understandable.

-Paul Miller

Labour rate price increase

As of Tuesday May 2nd, we will be increasing our labour rates by £2.50 per hour. Invoices started before May 2nd will not be affected by this change, their labour will still be charged at the current rate. It's unfortunate that we have had to increase the labour rates so soon after our previous increase, but thanks to the outcome of the EU Referendum in June of last year, the prices of parts have been increasing rapidly and as such, we've had to increase our prices across the board to keep up. Plus, we've recently found out we must find a new workshop to move into before the year ends, which will undoubtedly be more expensive than our current location. 

This will, of course affect the set prices of full services and engine services, which are as follows: 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

T1 Engine service: £ 105.00

T4 Engine service: £ 115.00

T1 Beetle full service: £ 255.00

T1 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 280.00

T4 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 300.00

T25 Camper Van full service: £ 265.00

T25 Water Boxer Van full service: £ 260.00

Performance vehicle service prices will vary

- Beau Miller
Office Manager

Closed over Christmas

This Friday, the 23rd we will be closing at 1:00pm and we will not be re-opening until after New Year's. We'll be back to our regular opening times on January 3rd 2017. 

Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year

Service prices updates

As of today, our labour rates will increase slightly by £2.50 per hour. This will only apply to new invoices made from today onward, so if you currently have an invoice running, the labour will still be charged at the previous rate. This will of course affect the set prices of both full services and engine services, which are as follows: 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

T1 Engine service: £ 100.00

T4 Engine service: £ 110.00

T1 Beetle full service: £ 245.00

T1 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 265.00

T4 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 285.00

T25 Camper Van full service: £ 255.00

T25 Water Boxer Van full service: £ 250.00

Performance vehicle service prices will vary

Full Service price revision

We've taken another look at our set prices for full vehicle services, and we've noticed the price of some parts has increased. However, this will only affect the final price of a Full Service for Split Screen and Bay Vans with a T1 engine. The original price of £250 plus VAT, has now increased slightly to £255 plus VAT. We'd also like to add that we now have a set price for T25 Waterboxer full services, which is £240 plus VAT. Please find below, the set prices for the foreseeable future of all the full services we provide. 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

  • Beetle with T1 engine - £230.00

  • Split Screen or Bay with T1 engine - £255.00

  • Bay with T4 engine - £270.00

  • T25 with air-cooled engine - £245.00

  • T25 Waterboxers - £240.00

Prices for performance engines will vary

- Paul Miller

Our internet access is back

Thanks to a very informative BT engineer, we have our internet access back meaning emails should not be delayed for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, something like this doesn't happen again.

- Beau Miller

Email reply delays

Due to an incredibly infuriating issue with our current internet service provider, (I'll spare you the details and just say, don't ever, ever, use Premier Calls) replies to emails will be delayed for the next few days. However, if our internet provider continues to be as difficult as they were today, replies could be delayed until 31/05 when we change providers. This does not mean we won't be able to reply to any emails until the issue is resolved, I am able to access our email from home and I will reply to any that I can immediately; but, particularly technical queries are unlikely to see a reply until the next day, unless they are clearly urgent. You can still contact us by phone to get an instant response if you need one (our phone no. 01702 713114). We apologise greatly for any inconvenience.

- Beau Miller

Not taking jobs from 1/9/15 - 12/9/15

I am away on holiday from the 1st of September until the 12th of September, and as a result we cannot take any jobs during this period. Kyle will still be here working on tidying up the workshop and some already booked customer vehicles, but he will not be taking anymore vehicles in during those 2 weeks. Emails are also highly unlikely to be answered as Beau will also be away for the 2 week period.

Full Service price revised

We've taken another look at our full service prices and found we previously underestimated the labour time. As a result, the price for our service on Split Screen and Bay vans with a T1 engine has slightly increased, as has our full service for T4 engines. Additionally, we have decided to give T25 water-cooled vehicles and standard Beetles a separate price due to their shorter labour times. So, the new prices for our various full services' are as follows:

All prices subject to 20% VAT

  • Split Screen & Bay with T1 Engine - £ 250.00

  • Bay with T4 Engine - £ 270.00

  • Type 25 Water-Cooled engine - £ 245.00

  • Standard Beetles - £ 230.00

Performance engine prices will vary based on parts used


- Paul Miller