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Air-cooled and early water-cooled VW performance and restoration

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Service prices updates

As of today, our labour rates will increase slightly by £2.50 per hour. This will only apply to new invoices made from today onward, so if you currently have an invoice running, the labour will still be charged at the previous rate. This will of course affect the set prices of both full services and engine services, which are as follows: 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

T1 Engine service: £ 100.00

T4 Engine service: £ 110.00

T1 Beetle full service: £ 245.00

T1 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 265.00

T4 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 285.00

T25 Camper Van full service: £ 255.00

T25 Water Boxer Van full service: £ 250.00

Performance vehicle service prices will vary