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Full Service price revision

We've taken another look at our set prices for full vehicle services, and we've noticed the price of some parts has increased. However, this will only affect the final price of a Full Service for Split Screen and Bay Vans with a T1 engine. The original price of £250 plus VAT, has now increased slightly to £255 plus VAT. We'd also like to add that we now have a set price for T25 Waterboxer full services, which is £240 plus VAT. Please find below, the set prices for the foreseeable future of all the full services we provide. 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

  • Beetle with T1 engine - £230.00

  • Split Screen or Bay with T1 engine - £255.00

  • Bay with T4 engine - £270.00

  • T25 with air-cooled engine - £245.00

  • T25 Waterboxers - £240.00

Prices for performance engines will vary

- Paul Miller