Harry Harpics & Sons Ltd

Air-cooled and early water-cooled VW performance and restoration

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About Bookings

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Making a booking

If you wish to make a booking, the best way is to either email or call us (details on our Contact Us page) and provide your name, contact number, what you would like us to do, and some details about the vehicle you'd like us to work on. 

When to make a booking

Even though we are a small company, some points in the year can be extremely busy for us, so we generally recommend that a booking be made 3 - 4 weeks in advance. But to be more specific, during Spring, we recommend 3 weeks advance notice, during Summer, 4 weeks notice, Autumn, 3 weeks notice, and during Winter, 2 weeks notice is usually best.

Once a booking is made

If at any point between when you make your booking and when you're due to arrive, you wish to cancel or delay, let us know as soon as possible. If there's a problem regarding your booking on our end, we'll let you know immediately. 

While your vehicle is here

If you have any questions about your vehicle while it's here, or if you need to mention anything you may have forgotten, the best method to contact us is via email. Phone calls and visits are of course possible, but please understand that such conversations take us away from our work and cause delays, plus emails provide a written account of what you've said, so we don't have to rely on memory. Lastly, our office manager will relay email messages to our mechanical staff and get back to you with their replies as soon as he can.