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Full Service & Engine Service prices changing in May

Due to the constant rising costs of parts, we will be increasing the set prices of some full services & engine services from May 14th onward by a very small amount. We have chosen this date because this will not affect any customers who are currently booked for a service. The new prices are as follows: 

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

T1 Engine service: £ 106.00

T4 Engine service: £ 115.00

T1 Beetle full service: £ 256.00

T1 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 281.00

T4 Engine Camper Van full service: £ 300.00

T25 Camper Van full service: £ 265.00

T25 Water Boxer Van full service: £ 265.00

Performance vehicle service prices will vary

These changes will take place from May 14th onward


-Beau Miller
Office Manager