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Full Service price revised

We've taken another look at our full service prices and found we previously underestimated the labour time. As a result, the price for our service on Split Screen and Bay vans with a T1 engine has slightly increased, as has our full service for T4 engines. Additionally, we have decided to give T25 water-cooled vehicles and standard Beetles a separate price due to their shorter labour times. So, the new prices for our various full services' are as follows:

All prices subject to 20% VAT

  • Split Screen & Bay with T1 Engine - £ 250.00

  • Bay with T4 Engine - £ 270.00

  • Type 25 Water-Cooled engine - £ 245.00

  • Standard Beetles - £ 230.00

Performance engine prices will vary based on parts used


- Paul Miller